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What is The Open Network (TON)?

By Guarda Wallet | Guarda Wallet Blog | 6 Jun 2024


Today, we’re diving into The Open Network (TON), a blockchain project designed for high scalability and speed, aimed at solving the challenges of limited throughput and high transaction costs in traditional blockchains. Moreover, we’ll discover how to easily exchange, buy Toncoin, and manage it through TON wallet on Guarda.

Origins and Founders of TON

TON was originally designed by the founders of Telegram, Pavel and Nikolai Durov. As visionaries behind one of the most popular messaging platforms globally, they aimed to leverage blockchain technology to create a robust, scalable, and efficient network. Telegram’s commitment to integrating blockchain services exclusively through TON signifies the platform’s trust in its capabilities. With over 900 million users, Telegram’s collaboration with TON highlights the project’s potential for widespread adoption and impact.

Core Features of The Open Network

  1. Multi-Blockchain Structure: TON comprises a master blockchain and several workchains and shardchains that process millions of transactions per second, making it a robust network for handling massive transaction volumes and making it appealing for Toncoin wallet users.
  2. Dynamic Sharding: The Open Network dynamically adjusts its shard number based on transaction volume. This flexibility ensures efficiency and scalability as the network grows.
  3. Instant Hypercube Routing: This feature promotes fast and secure transaction processing across different shards, maintaining high throughput as the open network scales.
  4. Distributed File Storage and Services: TON includes a distributed file storage system, TON Storage, which allows efficient data storage and retrieval across the network. It also supports a wide range of decentralized applications, enhancing its utility.
  5. Decentralized Services Integration: TON integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, making blockchain technologies accessible for everyday use and helping to broaden its adoption.

TON Wallet: Your Gateway to Crypto World

Guarda Wallet is excited to announce the integration of The Open Network and addition of Toncoin wallet into its platform, making it even easier for you to manage your digital assets efficiently.

Quick Guide: Creating a TON Wallet on Guarda

Creating a Toncoin wallet on Guarda is straightforward, free, and requires no KYC. Here’s how to get started:

  • Register Your Wallet: Choose Create a new wallet. Securely create and confirm a strong password.
  • Protect Your Password: Store it in a secure place. Guarda is a non-custodial service, so they cannot recover your password.
  • Backup Your Wallet: Follow the prompt to download your backup file or remember the seed phrase. This file is critical as it contains encrypted keys needed to access your funds.
  • Complete the Setup: Once your backup is safely stored, your TON Wallet is ready for use: send, receive, hold your coins all in one place.

With TON wallet now available on Guarda, users can send, receive, manage, buy, and exchange TON directly through our user-friendly interface. This integration aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive, secure, and versatile wallet experience.

Why TON Matters

TON blockchain stands out for its innovative architecture that supports high-speed transactions and a range of applications, from DeFi to social networks. Its scalable design and integration capabilities offer a practical approach to blockchain technology that can adapt to future demands.


TON’s development and integration with Guarda Wallet highlight its potential to revolutionize how blockchain technology is used in everyday applications. Stay tuned with Guarda Wallet Academy for more updates and insights into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


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Guarda is a custody-free multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet with a user-friendly interface designed to store, buy, stake, and exchange crypto assets.

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Guarda Wallet Blog

Guarda is a custody-free multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet with a user-friendly interface designed to store, buy, stake, and exchange crypto assets.

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