What Is Chainlink | Detailed Review

By Guarda Wallet | Guarda Wallet Blog | 10 Jan 2024

What Is Chainlink?

Chainlink remains a key player in the decentralized oracle network space. It serves as a critical bridge between smart contracts on the blockchain and real-world data, ensuring that the contracts operate based on accurate and timely information from the digital world. This role underpins the validity and reliability of contracts executed on various blockchain platforms.

What Is LINK Coin?

LINK, the native ERC-677 token used within the Chainlink platform, continues to play a vital role in compensating network operators and enforcing smart contract agreements. It's an integral part of the ecosystem, facilitating the smooth operation and security of the network.

How Did Chainlink Come About?

Chainlink was conceptualized in 2017 by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis. Its inception marked a significant leap forward in connecting smart contracts with real-world data, aiming for a decentralized economy where these contracts operate with an unprecedented level of reliability and security. Since its launch, Chainlink has seen widespread adoption and is continually being integrated into more blockchain projects.

How Does Chainlink Technology Work?

Chainlink's technology operates through a sophisticated system of on-chain and off-chain components. On-chain infrastructure processes the requests that smart contracts make to the Chainlink network. Off-chain, various independent nodes collect data from external sources. This dual-layer structure ensures accurate and timely data is fed into the blockchain without compromising the decentralized nature of the network. As of 2023, Chainlink has expanded its capabilities and integrated more data feeds and systems to enhance its oracle services.

The Main Differences Between Bitcoin and Chainlink

Bitcoin and Chainlink serve fundamentally different purposes within the blockchain ecosystem. Bitcoin is a digital currency and store of value, while Chainlink provides a crucial service to the functioning of smart contracts. Bitcoin operates on a Proof of Work consensus mechanism, whereas Chainlink nodes are compensated with LINK tokens for their data retrieval and transmission services, supporting a wide array of blockchain environments beyond just its own network.

How to Mine Chainlink?

As of 2023, Chainlink does not support traditional mining. Instead, it relies on a network of oracles that are compensated in LINK tokens for providing reliable data to smart contracts. This system ensures that the data driving smart contract decisions is accurate and timely, reflecting the real-world conditions the contracts are meant to represent.

What Is the Future of Chainlink?

Chainlink's future looks promising as it continues to secure partnerships and integrations across various sectors. Its technology is pivotal in advancing the functionality and reliability of smart contracts, and as the demand for complex, real-world connected contracts grows, so does the potential for Chainlink's further expansion. The platform's commitment to creating a secure, decentralized network of oracles positions it as a continued leader in the space.

How to Get LINK Tokens?

LINK tokens are widely available on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, including Guarda. As the ecosystem around cryptocurrencies evolves, Guarda remains a secure and user-friendly platform for purchasing, exchanging, and managing LINK alongside a diverse range of other cryptocurrencies.

Where to Store Chainlink?

LINK, being an ERC-677 token, is compatible with any wallet that supports Ethereum and its token standards. For secure and convenient management of LINK tokens, Guarda Wallet ( offers a robust solution that provides users with the tools they need to store, manage, and use their LINK in a variety of transactions and applications.


Chainlink continues to drive the adoption and innovation of smart contracts by providing a reliable link to external data. As the blockchain space grows and evolves, Chainlink's role in supporting feature-rich, decentralized applications and services is likely to become even more crucial. Its continued focus on secure, decentralized data provision makes it a fundamental component of the blockchain ecosystem's future. For those looking to engage with Chainlink, whether through using LINK tokens or integrating oracle services, platforms like Guarda provide a secure and accessible gateway.


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