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What is Bitcoin Pizza Day? A Slice of Crypto History in 2024

By Guarda Wallet | Guarda Wallet Blog | 7 May 2024

Each May 22nd, the crypto world gathers to honor Bitcoin Pizza Day. The date marks the anniversary of a pivotal point in digital currency history known as the Bitcoin Pizza story. Let’s delve into why BTC Pizza Day is so special and explore the glorified Bitcoin Pizza story that started it all.

At Guarda Wallet, we embrace the spirit of the Bitcoin Pizza story by offering secure and efficient tools for managing Bitcoin and more assets. The multi coin wallet provides a secure place for creating a Bitcoin wallet without ID verification.

The Origin of Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day sets the remarkable transaction occurred on May 22, 2010, which has since been etched into crypto folklore as the Bitcoin Pizza story. Back in the annals of the lore, the 22nd of May witnessed a monumental event when Laszlo Hanyecz, a coding virtuoso, etched his name in history. With a bold stroke, he orchestrated the inaugural acquisition of tangible goods using Bitcoin. Picture it: two luscious pies from Papa John’s, procured at the cost of 10,000 BTC. The transaction, now enshrined in the annals of digital folklore, embodied the boundless assets. Back then, these bitcoins were but humble tokens, valued at a modest $41. As for today, those same coins would command a fortune, stretching into the realms of hundreds of millions.

The Significance of the Bitcoin Pizza Story

The Bitcoin Pizza story is a proof of concept for Bitcoin’s real-world utility. The Bitcoin Pizza story illustrates the first skepticism and the eventual realization of Bitcoin as a practical medium of exchange. Bitcoin Pizza Day thus stands as a notification of the basics of Bitcoin, showcasing how far the tech has come and the vast achievements still lie ahead.

Celebrating BTC Pizza Day 2024

BTC Pizza Day is celebrated in numerous ways around the globe. Enthusiasts often purchase pizzas, sometimes using Bitcoin. It’s a day of reflection, celebration, and education within the crypto community. In a feast of BTC Pizza Day, Guarda Wallet is excited to offer a multi-coin wallet that makes it even easier for you to get involved in cryptocurrency. Here’s how you can join the festivities using Guarda:

  1. Send BTC to Friends: Get a Bitcoin wallet with the lowest fees and commemorate the day by sending Bitcoin to friends or family through Guarda Wallet ( It’s a fun way to spread the joy of Bitcoin Pizza Day, mirroring the original transaction.
  2. Buy Bitcoin: In the spirit of Bitcoin Pizza Day, why not add some BTC to a Bitcoin wallet? Guarda provides an easy and secure platform to buy Bitcoin, ensuring you’re part of this annual celebration.
  3. Get a Bitcoin wallet with the lowest fees: The Bitcoin Pizza Day is the ideal cause to set up a new Bitcoin wallet for PC, Android, iPhone, or web on Guarda. It’s simple, quick, and secure. For those who value privacy, Guarda is a way to manage Bitcoins without the demand to undergo ID verification, maintaining your anonymity.
  4. Learn and Share: Use Guarda Wallet’s educational resources to learn more about Bitcoin and share this knowledge with others.


The Bitcoin Pizza story reminds us of the innovative strides made within the community and its way from an obscure digital token to a powerful economic force. On Bitcoin Pizza Day, the community not only celebrates this historical moment but also reflects on the development of cryptocurrencies.

At Guarda Wallet, we embrace the spirit of Bitcoin Pizza Day by offering a secure and efficient Bitcoin wallet for PC, Android, iPhone, and the web. Whether you are new to crypto or a pro, Bitcoin Pizza Day is a perfect time to explore and feast on the innovations in digital finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

BTC Pizza Day is a cultural observance in the crypto reality that commemorates the first known purchase of a physical good with Bitcoin.

When is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated on May 22nd every year.

How to Get a Bitcoin Wallet?

Guarda makes it simple. Visit our website or download our app, and set up a new Bitcoin wallet without ID verification by following 3 simple steps.

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