Our Vegetable Plots #13

Our Vegetable Plots #13

By Emerald Witch | Growing Our Own | 20 Jun 2021

Weeding part 2




We go to the farm at least once a week unless the weather is terrible and the weeding isn't that bad, it would be much quicker if one of us didn't have to run around after our toddler. Usually my husband runs around after our son and tries to prevent him trampling other peoples plants while I weed and keep an eye on our infant, we are very lucky with our kids and our baby will happily sit in his buggy giggling and blowing raspberries except for the rare time when he may be teething or cranky and then me or my husband just needs to carry him around, and he'll be happy again.




When we finally get our back garden sorted and start growing out our own back, and I'll be out there most days, weeding will be quick and easy. I always overthink things and worry about doing things wrong, but what is the worst that can happen, really? You might damage one of your plants and that isn't likely because you know what you've planted, and it's not that hard to tell the difference.




The other plots aren't being weeded at all, they are very bad, some have huge strong nettles in between their plants. 




It looks terrible, and it is taking up a lot of their space and more than likely taking well needed nutrients from the plants they are growing.




Don't be afraid of weeding, I find it can actually be relaxing.


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Emerald Witch
Emerald Witch

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Growing Our Own
Growing Our Own

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