Multi colored organic carrots, color your organic garden


These like cold climate, suitable growth temperature is between 15-25 degrees.
Color: Red, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Purple

Likes bright light and relatively dry air conditions.
The soil requires alternating wet and dry, abundant moisture, and loose, transparent and fertile.
The need for larger temperature differences and adequate and comprehensive nutrients are conducive to the construction of fleshy roots, while ensuring a higher content of carotenoid lycopene.
Organic carrots are more tolerant to drought, especially at the seedling stage, 30-50% of the soil moisture can grow normally.
When the soil temperature is stable at more than 8 degrees (May 10-15), it can be sown, and it begins to sprout at more than 15 degrees. The most suitable temperature for growth is 23-25 degrees during the day and 12-15 degrees at night.
The large temperature difference determines the superior quality of carrots and the increase of sugar content.
Carrots require soil to have a certain morphological texture and nutrient content.

Health benefits.
Lutein esters provide a yellowish appearance to yellow carrots and are closely related to eye health.
Red carrots contain lycopene, a carotenoid that can also be found in tomatoes. It is good for heart health and also has some protection against some cancers.

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Pure Organic Farming Inputs
Pure Organic Farming Inputs

POFI (Pure Organic Farming Inputs) strives to empower devoted organic farmers through its knowledge sharing about the topic and providing some of the products best suitable for successful organic farming.

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