Introduction to my grow

Hi there, this is my first post and I am really happy to part of this community.

My name is Graham and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland and I have been organising outdoor Free Parties and Festivals for almost 20 years under the name The Drum Clinic Sound System.

Drum Clinic Sound System in Morocco. The blue rocks, Tafroute.

I have been growing and smoking weed for over 30 years now !

Most of that time i was growing indoors in Scotland illegally. However everything changed a few years ago when my wife Ruth and I bought a massive truck and moved to the south of Spain where we live off-grid with a community of travellers, punks and hippies in a beautiful location in Andalusia, where i now grow outdoors. It is supposed to be legal here but we still get busted sometimes !! Like me 3 months ago!!


Master Kush

We have recovered quite well. Our seed guy replaced what we lost with a load of free seeds 😎 just pulled down 7 big Magnum Autoflowers 😎 Wish i took pics first though.

View from my window

Just got a decent new camera so loads of good grow pics/bud shots to come

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My name is Graham Cook and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland now living off grid in the South of Spain with a community of travellers, punks and hippies.

My outdoor grow diary
My outdoor grow diary

Outdoor grow diary

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