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When I started to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies 3 years ago I had no idea how to proceed, which tools to use or which sites to go to buy and invest in them. I had no mentor or someone to guide me along the way and I was a victim of minor scams or made beginner mistakes that can happen to anyone, that is why thanks to my short experience I can today recommend one of the sites that helps me the most It has lent all my experience in these 3 years and it is nothing more than the people's exchange, Kucoin. I live in Venezuela, a country where there are many enthusiasts and people trying to escape from a great inflation looking for new alternatives and that we have found in cryptocurrencies an escape route to keep our funds safe and earn extra money, but there are still people who Like me, they did not know how to start, and that is why through this article, I am going to try to make their way easier and let them know all the benefits that Kucoin has to offer us. let's start

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Everyone wants to buy cryptocurrencies in a safe, easy and better way without having to pay many commissions. There are hundreds of platforms on the market, each with its pros and cons, but kucoin is one that stands out from the rest and for many reasons. Although it was launched on the market in 2017, this platform has been under development since 2011, during which time it was perfecting its security and technology mechanisms that led to making it one of the most robust and powerful Exchanges in existence today. the market and thanks to this it has come to occupy a place in the top 5 of the most important cryptocurrency trading platforms on the planet.

The wide range of products and functionalities that kucoin integrates into its platform makes it one of the preferred sites, both by novice enthusiasts and the most professional in the market, since here they can take advantage of their investments in different ways and get to meet the expectations and needs of the most demanding users in a constantly evolving market. Today the daily volume that is handled on this platform is more than 3 billion dollars, with more than 10 million users worldwide and where enormous returns can be obtained thanks to all its investment products, such as They are spot trading, margin, derivatives, loans, staking, and their unbeatable trading bots.


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Hundreds of projects are released daily, each with special and promising features to offer. Some die in their initial stage because they do not meet the expectations of the users who buy their tokens, but there are other projects that surpass that barrier and become solid projects that are highly sought after by investors. But how to find out where these projects will be listed, or know more about them before investing? Well, kucoin offers several sections to keep us up to date on future cryptocurrency projects that will be listed on the platform, and where we can previously do our own research on these projects. One of these sections can be found by clicking on the box that appears right next to the kucoin symbol at the top left of the page and scrolling down to the news option as we see in the following image.


There what we will see are a series of latest news, promotions, announcements and what interests us, the new listings of tokens on the platform.



We access there and it will take us to the next screen where we can view these tokens and see a series of important data about each currency, such as, the web pages, the White papers on the project, the communities and the tokenomics on each currency. , so that in this way we can draw our own conclusions and decide whether we are going to invest or not.



You can also enter directly by clicking on any of the following links and go to the new listings option 

The second section is known as kucoin spotlight, a product that has attracted a lot of attention since its launch in 2019, since from here, tokens and innovative projects that are not yet listed anywhere else can be launched in pre-sale, thus giving the opportunity to users and investors to buy tokens at a much cheaper price before they go on the market. If we enter the following link, it will take us to a page that looks like this: 


there we will see the necessary requirements to participate and the currencies that are active. To participate in this presale, the only thing you will need is to have a kucoin account, which you can create from the following link. 

Creating an account is extremely easy, you just have to provide your information, such as email or phone number and go through a KYC verification process that in my experience will only take a few minutes. There you must provide the page with a photo of your identity document from the front and back, and take a selfie together with your ID and a paper note with the information requested. Once we have our account verified, interested users can participate in the spotlight platform by having the native kucoin token, which is KCS, in their wallets and register at the specified time to receive the tokens of the desired project.

The last option in which we can participate to find cryptographic gems with high potential is in kukoin burning drop, one of the latest products offered by the platform, and in which we can stake various assets, such as USDT, ETH and KCS during 20 days to thus mine computing power or POL and obtain rewards according to our participation. The minimum amount to participate is 20 USDT, 3 KCS or 0.008 ETH. To access this option, you can go directly to the following link and select the option that best suits you.


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Kucoin ranks first in the list of altcoins in the entire cryptocurrency market. There are over 600 cryptocurrencies listed on the platform and daily new projects are added to the list that are not listed anywhere else. This is one of the main reasons why many investors flock to this extraordinary Exchange looking to find tokens that will bring high profits to their wallets. Whether buying them in the presale through spotlight or staking their tokens to mine new coins that will be listed on kucoin, the chances of getting a pretty juicy ROI on kucoin are very high. The ROI percentage of most of the latest tokens that have been added to Kucoin have in many cases exceeded 2000% in just the first day they have been listed, something that has made the platform attract more and more users. in search of potential projects, which can even be purchased with many of the most widely used fiat currencies worldwide, such as the euro or the dollar, among others.

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In just 5 years that kucoin has been on the market, it has positioned itself in the top 5 of the best exchanges in the world. Kucoin has known how to win with effort, professionalism, maximum levels of security and accessible and cheap rates to buy cryptocurrencies, many users on a monthly basis, especially in Latin American countries where today it is very popular. It is not for nothing that it is known as the People's Exchange, and it is that recently in February of this year the renowned personal finance platform The Ascent named Kucoin as the best cryptocurrency application of 2022 for enthusiasts for meeting high industry standards. cryptographic such as security, usability, user satisfaction and rates in the purchase of assets. With this valuable recognition, kucoin officially becomes the place par excellence for cryptographic gems and everything indicates that kucoin will continue to have a presence for a long time in more families seeking to obtain extra income with cryptocurrencies.


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