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One of the main objectives of any cryptographic project is the long-awaited mass adoption, which is nothing more than the ease with which currencies can be exchanged, bought or sold on different platforms. For years, with the great acceptance that many solid projects have had in the cryptocurrency market, there is an eagerness to belong to this ecosystem in many regions of the planet, but despite so much boom, there are still very few platforms that give access easily or offer fiat solutions so that interested users can begin to be part of this new economic model that represents the blockchain in general. In this sense, Kucoin, the number 1 Altcoin Exchange in the world, once again takes the lead, by allowing the integration of SEPA transfers into its platform, a very valuable bet that will allow it to increase its position in all the countries of the European Union. . This decision by Kucoin represents one of the most important milestones of the company and the following article will focus on it.

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If you are considering using kucoin to invest in cryptocurrencies, let me tell you that it is the best decision you can make. Kucoin is one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich exchanges on the market to date. In just 5 years that it has been on the market, it has positioned itself in the top 5 of the most important cryptocurrency platforms in the world and is the number 1 official site for promising Altcoins. The wide range of services and products that kucoin offers its users is very varied: operate with financial derivatives, futures trading with high levels of leverage, loans, spotlight, burning drop, super efficient trading bots and facilities to buy cryptocurrencies using mechanisms fiat as SEPA or through your P2P marketplace

Daily trading volumes exceed $3 billion and the vast number of cryptocurrencies available are over 600, many of which are not available on other exchanges and have left huge ROIs for their holders. One of the reasons to take into account if you want to open a kucoin account to invest is that the Ascent recently named Kucoin the best cryptocurrency application of 2022 thanks to its commitment to keeping its users satisfied by offering them security, very competitive rates , variety of products and services and ease of use both on its website and in the mobile app. If you are not yet registered and want to start being part of this fantastic world, you can do it from the following link, where you will have to provide some information and go through a KYC process as is common in this type of platform, but with kucoin it will take only couple of minutes.


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SEPA transfers or payments represent one of the simplest fiat solutions for all those residents in the 36 countries of the European Union, since they allow them to buy cryptocurrencies for an amount of up to 1 million euros in a single transaction. SEPA is an initiative created and supported by the European Commission, Parliament and the Central Bank of Europe. It works under an ultra-fast payment scheme, in which the funds reach the recipient in no more than 10 seconds. SEPA was integrated into the platform in January of this year and since then it has attracted thousands of new users who can now invest in cryptocurrencies in an easy and simple way without having to go through other payment gateways. In addition, this announcement was made after the possibility of expanding the scope of SEPA to other regions outside the euro zone is being studied, which would undoubtedly facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in many other countries that do not have such efficient and efficient mechanisms. innovative.

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It should be noted that the Euro is one of the most used fiat currencies in the world, and in particular it is the official currency of many countries in Europe. In this sense, one of the great advantages that the integration of the SEPA model in Kucoin represents is that millions of users in that continent will be able to access to buy cryptocurrencies in a simple way with their local currency. With SEPA, kucoin users can both deposit and withdraw euros directly to their bank accounts in just seconds without having to go through intermediaries. Another point in favor of using this mechanism is that it does not charge any type of commission and amounts of up to 1 million euros can be deposited in a single transaction.

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After we know all the benefits and advantages of using this new system through Kucoin, we are going to proceed to carry out a transaction step.
The first requirement that we must meet is to have a level 2 verified account: if you don't know how to do it, I'll leave you a link with an explanatory video where you can verify without any inconvenience


After we have our account verified, we are going to go to the buy crypto section in the upper left bar of the screen, and go down to the Third-Party tab as shown in the following image. We can also access from the following link





Once there, there are several boxes that we must fill in. First, the required amount, which in this case is at least 20 euros and right next to it, the currency we want to buy, can be BTC, ETH, DOt, among others.
After having filled in these boxes, we are going to choose the payment method in which VISA/mastercard, Apple Pay and SEPA appear; We choose SEPA and the most used payment channels appear next to us, such as BTC direct, Simplex and Banxa. We will also be shown the most appropriate offer and it is up to the user to select the one that suits their needs. For this example I am going to choose banxa as reference, and we click on confirm.



It will redirect us to the next window in which we must place our data, confirm again and send us to a window with all the data necessary to make the transfer, which for security reasons I cannot show here. Once we have made the transfer, we confirm the operation and we will receive the amount purchased in our wallet.


Done! It's a process that doesn't even take 5 minutes and it's as easy as any bank transfer we're used to.


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This type of mechanism represents one of the most valuable innovations for the crypto market, since since its creation, cryptocurrencies have sought to compete with the traditional forms of payment that exist in the world, and thanks to SEPA today many people can easily access to them, without having to pay any type of commission, long hours of waiting or going to a traditional bank. All from the comfort of your home and with high security standards. This Kucoin Milestone is a great advance for the entire crypto ecosystem and I am sure that it will make many more enthusiasts come to kucoin to start familiarizing themselves with cryptocurrencies.

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