Differences between and other DEX. Who is the absolute Leader of the DEFI market in TON?

By gregoricordova | gregoblog | 21 Jan 2024


The decentralized finance market on TON (The Open Network) has seen significant growth in recent months. Being a completely decentralized Blockchain, with super low fees and ultra-fast transactions have made this Blockchain an ideal environment for the development of defi projects and applications. In this article we will explore the current state of the defi market in Ton, and the gigantic opportunities that exist in the near future, in addition to revealing the absolute winner of the competition between the most famous Dex in the ecosystem, which thanks to its performance has become in the users' favorite. I'll give you a preview, it starts with the letter S...

The rapid growth in both the number of users and the projects being carried out in TON is phenomenal. DEFI protocols represent a large part of this growth, since they offer a wide range of products and services, such as staking, loans, swaps or farming that users can access easily and without any intermediary, and which have generated very significant profits in most users

The Fight for First Place between the Eternal Rivals:

In the blue corner, the AAA DEX par excellence, the God of farming, with a cross chain system and a DAO voting system to be launched and with its own token... S-TON -FI!

In the red corner, the one-man DEX, with a brand new boosting system and a mini-app on Telegram... DE-DUST!



Fight! 👊

This fight began with one of the races that raised the most hype in the community, who would be the first DEX in the TON ecosystem? , and has extended to this day. At first had the lead. A DEX created by a single person who actively listened to his community and allowed trading and adding liquidity to any token. At that time, Community Tokens did not exist on, and only the exchange's partner tokens were listed. Also, to exchange tokens, you first had to manually exchange your $TON to $WTON, something that happened automatically on

Buuut... started to rise. Made successful strategic partnerships, launched Community Tokens feature and fixed manual swap from $TON to $WTON. And they didn't just stop at that, they improved the user interface, moved to the dark side and drove liquidity to the skies. However, the fatal blow was FARMING. The team, while working on an update dedicated to farming, received the news that the TON Foundation was going to grant a very high reward to the main liquidity aggregators of the main DEXs. *straight to the heart* 🔪

The perfect example of being in the right place working on the right features. Some even thought there was privileged information, but they were just assumptions. Needless to say, flew and dominated the season as the best option of the moment. A large number of events and contests have been held to attract users and thousands of $ in prizes have been distributed, which has made more users prefer it. Unfortunately, was lurking in the shadows and was subtly preparing some, above all, interesting improvements. redesigned its user interface, improved farming (an aspect that had been left behind) and integrated the jetton bridge. The redesign of the interface was not taken into account much. Yes, it was much better than the previous one, but the letter that was going to change everything was about to arrive. would become the only current DEX with a Telegram mini-app and a boosting pool system that benefits liquidity aggregators.

Previously there was a DEX called TON Swap that ceased operations. Said DEX had already been launched as a Telegram mini-app. That is why is not the first, but the only one currently.

A widely used technique in the TON ecosystem is to deliver additional rewards to its liquidity holders. Previously, it had to be done with third-party tools as no DEX had developed the feature. changes the game, and now allows any user to boost a liquidity pool and gift tokens to users who trust and support the project by injecting liquidity into their peers. 🎁

We come to today, hard at work on OMNISTON, their flagship cross-chain service that will bring liquidity to the TON ecosystem. Meanwhile, continues to listen to the community to integrate useful features.

The competition, in my opinion, has a quite notable advantage on the part of, especially because it has maintained a greater number of unique users who constantly carry out operations on the DEX and because of its very juicy farming pools, since they have made partnerships with major recently launched projects, thus offering great APYs when farming on the platform. In addition to rewarding the community in different ways in a series of events and contests that have allowed it to have one of the largest communities in the DEFI environment in TON

Of course, those are just a few comparisons. STONfi has partnerships with most of the promising projects that have been launched in the DEFI market lately. Tonkeeper has a swap function in its wallet that is powered by stonfi, it recently announced a collaboration to perform trading leverage in conjunction with evaa protocol, it is the first dex to enter the market of the famous TON inscriptions in collaboration with tonano, in conclusion  a set of very valuable relationships that are driving the DEFI market to another level and are doing so at an unprecedented pace.

TVL in the TON Ecosystem

As for TVL, compared to the most famous protocols such as ethereum with 32 Billion, TON still presents very low numbers. Currently, according to  DEFI Llama, it has a TVL of 17.24 million dollars of which STONfi occupies 40%. The opportunity here for STONfi is gigantic, since it is expected that with the launch of Omniston, liquidity from other protocols can be attracted to TON, which would undoubtedly mean a huge advance for the project in general. Additionally, with the great hype around TON, due to recent news and its strategic partnership with Telegram and its user base of more than 800 million people, I have no doubt that many users of other protocols will want to join.





here you can confirm STONfi its always leading the way 

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