Will BNB hit ATH before September.

       Good times for BNB holders have just started. If you are wondering why BNB is pumping all of a sudden. Then allow me to inform you that it is the power of a single tweet by the big guy CZ himself. Following is the tweet by CZ at 0530 UTC and it has pumped BNB over 5% by the time of reporting.


The tweet talks about the upcoming launchpad projects and if you are aware with the mechanism of launchpad on Binance, BNB becomes absolute crucial to acquire tickets which later give you tokens of the new projects.

Binance is going to have a very strong Third Quarter which is made more evident by the launch of mainnet for BINANCE CHAIN before September.


This is a huge development for the BINANCE ecosystem and exciting times for BNB holders. Binance just completed the biggest coin burn till date just a couple of days ago. All signs are pointing towards a potential Moonshot in near future.


Do you hold BNB if yes are you excited, please comment and share your views. Don't forget to follow. 

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