and Expedia partnership, a game-changing event and Expedia partnership, a game-changing event just announced via their official Twitter account that they have partnered with travel giants Expedia. The partnership will allow the potential users to pay with over 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. 


         Although Expedia did accept Bitcoin up  untill 2018 before removing the option in June 2018. According to CEO Juan Otero " Their booking flow isn't built for crypto like ours, it was a bit of a nightmare for them to accept Bitcoin payments"

          In my opinion this is going to be a game changer as Expedia is world's second largest online travel agency with over 700 thousand listed hotels worldwide. In a press release the senior vice President of Expedia partner services Alfonso Paredes said that " payment choice continues to evolve and the partnership will help scale".

Australia based and Binance backed plugged through the Expedia group partner services, rapid API connecting it to the vast Expedia ecosystem and opening up previously unattainable market.

What do you think about this development?

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