Open Road and Broken Soul

           As i was resting after the gruesome process of cooking breakfast without any equipment i was startled by the loud noise of a tractor stopping exactly in front of me. I was confused in the beginning but soon realised that i was actually encroaching in someone's farm. Before i could appolazise the man driving the tractor was already on the ground with a huge smile on his face. He was genuinely happy to see some traveller randomly choosing his field to cook and sleep. I realised at that exact moment that we should not judge or make an opinion about someone too quickly. That was a beautiful lesson to learn. Even though he invited me to take things from his farm i respectfully declined and ashamed that i didn't have anything to offer him i decided to pack my stuff and carry on the journey. Saying goodbye i started once again on my quest towards the 1500yr old Temple built by the Gods themselves. I went through Interesting Mango jungle with no road in sight.



After cycling for 30 km more my legs had given up and i was about to collapse on the road. I started looking for a place to collapse. I found a beautiful place surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. From far it looked a nice place with a lot of friendly buffalos. But as soon as i crashed on my bedsheet , incredible foul smell of buffalo dung started dominating the air and my mind immediately said to run away but my body said whatever and absolutely refused to move an inch. So there i was lying on the ground surrounded by buffalo dung SMILING.


I was just getting ready for the final stretch of 20km before we reach our destination.

To ne continued..


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