On way to Mysterious 1500 year old Temple

             The day has finally arrived. My mind still could not comprehend why i was undertaking a 100 km or 60 miles trip when i have not ridden a bicycle in the last 20 years. But my sad and frustrated heart was ready to break the monotonous shackles that i had put on it. With 15 days of training and a brittle heart on the verge of getting totally shattered i started packing the bare minimum that i would need.

             The time was 4:45 AM my alarm went off. I was supposed to be on the road by now. I started hurrying up. The only thing i was concerned was to pack all the tools. I wasn't much worried about clothes or food. Well thats what i thought. I was on the road in 5 minutes and i instantly regretted my decision of not getting proper clothes. It was still dark and within 20 min my chain dropped. Now I didn't know how to put it back on. Specially on a geared bike. Well after some trial and error i managed to put it back on and learned a lot about bicycles in the process.

           Time is 7 AM the Sun is out and i stop for a coffee brake. Offcourse i brought some coffee. Well i didn't know what was waiting for me on this break. Its Peacocks and a lot of them. I tried to get near them but they were not interested and had better things to do like mating in the cold morning. Nevermind it was still a sight to behold.


It was time for me to move on. After two hours of cycling and soaking in some beautiful views my stomach started to act funny. I'm very naive about camping and really don't even know how to light a fire and i was about to hunker down and cook breakfast. This was going to be interesting. I rolled out a cotton sheet and lay down in a bitter gaurd farm wondering where to start.


I had no burners so i started looking for some bricks in the field. I found some broken bricks and managed to build a primitive cooking station. Although i had matches but the hay was wet with dew and sticks were hard to find. But after some effort i started a fire and cooked some noodles as it was the only thing i was confident of pulling off.


With 40 km covered it was time to take some well deserved rest. Happy just to be away from modernization my heart was smiling and i felt peace in a long time.


My bike was looking tired too and i hope it understood my pain and desperation to take up this tough trip. 

To be continued.....





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