Lets be Optimistic. Straight from my ❤️

       In this present world it is increasingly becoming difficult for everyone to survive let alone pursue their dreams and passions. People are losing jobs, there are massive pay cuts everywhere and just imagining about the state of mind of those young graduates sends shivers down my spine.

        Although it is very difficult to be Optimistic in this present situation I would like to take a different perspective. Imagine all the things you ever wanted to do but never really had time or resources to pursue them. Now when we don't have jobs and are anyhow struggling I believe this is the best time to start doing the things which we always desired.

       The greatest potential of a man is at display when he has no options left. As the famous saying goes "If you want to take the island burn your boats". If we have to rebuild why not do it for ourselves this time. Enjoying cherishing every moment of the process.

     Resources are not the problem it is the lack of resourcefullness. Let Creativity, Decisiveness, Passion, Honesty, Sincerity and Love be your resources. Even if we fail we fail with our heart full of joy and our head held high.

     But then again what history tells us is when men are left with the choice to either die or succeed they tend to succeed. So what if we have less money in ouriour pockets its the size of our smile that counts at the end of the day.

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