1500 year old Temple

         100 Kms on a cycle and with no conditioning for the last 20 years i somehow managed to reach the destination. The temple is full of mystery. With legends stating that it was built by the Gods themselves and that to in a day. Some even say that it was built by the demons when they briefly took control of the place for 6 months. The monument is called Bhetargaon Temple and is situated in a remote place in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.


Historians have a different say in the matter as they reckon it was built in the 5th Century AD by Gupta Empire. The locals have fascinating tales to tell about the temple. With stories of lightning hitting the top to how it used to be double story before the top collapsed in thunder and storm. But in every story one thing remained common that no one really knows how old it is they say it has always been there.


The Monument is under the Care of Government and is very well maintained and restored. It was a great journey. But the next Journey to the land of KAMASUTRA Khajuraho will be even exciting, so stay tuned and lets explore ancient places together. 

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