Best Canadian exchange and rewards for beginner Crypto investors

I can't say that I have been doing this for many many years, but I have put an inordinate amount of time into research and into trial and error. I hope you can learn from my experiences and be further along in a shorter amount of time!

If you are a Canadian looking to start investing in crypto and looking to maximize your rewards, look no further than Shakepay.

1883776674e6d272466579c24c0417897b481b4b4490b33f7c154578219af7a2.pngThis Canadian exchange will allow you to buy the two most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it will actually give you free bitcoin every single day. Using Shakepay, I have turned my initial exploratory investment of $200 in Bitcoin into quite a bit more in just over a month.

Here's how:

1. When you sign up for Shakepay with a referral ID and make a crypto purchase for $100 CAD or more, Shakepay will deposit $10 CAD into your account and the account of your referrer. I opened one account for myself using an ID from reddit, and an account for my spouse using my referral ID. I invested $100 in each account and received $20 in referral bonus in my account and $10 in my wife's. I used that additional $30 to buy Bitcoin for free. 

2. When you sign up for Shakepay with a referral ID and make your $100 purchase, they activate shaking rewards. As strange as this sounds, if you open the app each day and shake your phone, they give you free Bitcoin. There is no catch and there are no strings attached, and it is much more than any faucet pays.

I am 37 days in now and receiving almost a dollar in free Bitcoin every day between our two accounts. By the end of the year, this will be almost two dollars in free Bitcoin each day for 10 seconds of effort. Considering the future appreciation of Bitcoin, this 10 seconds every day is a very worthwhile investment of time.

Some other advantages of Shakepay that make it the best choice for beginners:

  • Free cash in and cash out - Interac e-Transfers and wire transfers
  • Commission free purchases and sales of BTC and ETH
  • Free transfer of BTC and ETH to and from your wallet (miner and gas fees covered by Shakepay)
  • Free transfer of funds and crypto between Shakepay users
  • Strong security
  • Excellent mobile app on Android and iPhone 

Once you have explored the world of crypto in Canada and are ready to invest larger amounts, there are other options (stay tuned for my next article). But for the beginner, Shakepay just cannot be beat in terms of ease of use and rewards available.


Canadian exchanges I recommend

Low risk cryptocurrencies for beginners to explore as a way to gain some education (not necessarily for investment, just for education):

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Great White North - Crypto in Canada

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