Purism - the hardware you deserve

Purism - the hardware you deserve

By DeFi Man | Great Projects | 23 Jun 2019

A year ago my old phone died and I went looking for a new one and because I had some free time, I thought I´m going to look if there is a manufacturer which uses open source hardware. For some reason, it is actually quite hard to find one (that might be because of the filter bubble we live in, but that´s a topic for another post)

After a few hours of research, I found more than I expected: Purism I know things ending with -ism are usually a bad thing but I swear to you this is an exception.

Purism manufactures smartphones and laptops, and they blew my mind. They try their best to deliver a product which makes you feel truly free.


A short excerpt from their website:
"When you’re on social media, use a digital home assistant or chat over a messaging app, store files on the cloud, enter a search term in a browser or visit a website, you’re being tracked – by a market that uses your phone or laptop, operating system and applications to collect as much information about you as possible. Your exploited information is later sold between various companies, and the choice of withholding it is not in your control. At Purism, we provide an alternative so you aren’t forced to give your information to corporations who profit from it." - why-purism?

It is actually important to have hardware you can trust because even if you are running Linux there are still hardware backdoors, and I think Purism is nearly as close as one can be.

Find it here: https://puri.sm/

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