Synthenium - Original Music - Playing Around With Some New Sounds in Ableton!

By Grapthar | graptharmusic | 10 Jul 2019

This is a little creation from a few nights ago that began as just an experiment with some new VSTs I recently downloaded, and wound up being a reasonably finished song.  I still think it needs some work on the overall mix, as some things are a bit loud, while others don't cut through enough, so I'm definitely gonna continue working on it.  But, I think its a decent enough rough draft and gets the general idea across.

Tracks 2 and 3 are grouped together, and provide the basic chords and bass line for most of the song.  I really like the tone/timbre of these synths, they've got a great retro/80s synth sort of vibe.  Both of these are from Native Instruments Kontakt Player, which you can get for free.  Tracks 4, 5 and 6 use Spitfire Audio LABS' VSTs, also totally free their website.  I highly reccomend both of these, you can get so many cool sounds for free with no trial period or anything like that.

Track 2 has 1 section with some chordal variations, which you can see the screenshot above, where the colors suddenly change.  I was going to expand on this, and make it a sort of Verse, but it wound being kinda cool as a single 4 bar part.  I think perhaps the last chord needs to accent the V a bit more, so things resolve back to the main progression in a stronger way, but overall, I liked the idea.

Anyway, hope you dig the tune!  I'll share more as I continue working on this and get into the nitty gritty of really mixing it correctly.


Track 2, Blue harmony section variation.

Synthenium - Soundcloud

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