How to get Graphene — Beginners Guide

By Cappex | Graphene | 13 Feb 2021


Airdrop Details

Graphene is set to launch soon and all GFN will be distributed via airdrop to Phore holders, There will be no private sale or additional pre-mine. This is the only way to receive Graphene upon launch.

In order to qualify for the airdrop, users must hold Phore (PHR) in their own wallet at the time of the Blockchain Snapshots — there will be 6 of these in total.

Alternatively, users can store PHR on external wallets/exchanges, and will still receive the airdrop, providing the wallet/exchange support it. A list of third-parties that support the airdrop will be released in the near future.

The 1st Blockchain Snapshot is scheduled for March 14th at 23:59 (GMT).

The dates for the following 5 Blockchain Snapshots will be announced next week.

Airdrop Rewards

For the first 5 Blockchain Snapshots, users will receive 1.66GFN for every 1PHR they hold.

For Snapshot 6, users will receive 1.7GFN for every 1PHR they hold.

If a user holds PHR through all the Snapshots, they will receive a total of 10GFN for every 1PHR held.*


Fill up your bag with $PHR ( #Phore ) token now from any of these exchanges:


CREX24 —

Stakecube —

Graviex —

Visit to learn more about Graphene.

Graphene tokens will be distributed at a later date. Date TBA*

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Graphene is a next-generation Blockchain architecture that makes use of the CASPER staking consensus protocol, being developed by the Phore Blockchain team.

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