Bitcoin, to the moon?

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 2 May 2019




Good looking bitcoin chart in BLX , I find several coincidences from the fall around 2014 to the next BullRun he had after that crash, I focus on the past and current behavior of the Emas 7 and 30 in the monthly chart, as also in the behavior of the estocastico, Adx and the Macd , everything seems to coincide at the moment. 
Also, taking into account that at the moment the scenario of the crash of 2014 seems to be repeated literally in the current season but with more speed than before, we could conclude that there are a few months to start the next bullrun. 



Something to keep in mind is that this week Bitcoin again had bad news (if the typical manipulation by exchanges hand in hand with large investors) beyond that only sunk 500 dollars the value of bitcoin (something like a 7 to 10%) I have noticed how several bitcoin withdrawals have ended up in cold wallets ... will it be that they are already saving the retired for a new summer? 

Well there is nothing left to do but wait for the next months and see if at the end of 2019 we will be in the BullRun or at least at the beginning of the road to the moon. 

Obviously I do not know if my "analysis" is correct, I do not have the crystal ball, therefore I can not assure under any point of view that this really is so, I also do not expect anyone to wait (Having hope in trading is nothing good), but it is something that I think we should take into account, I see that many analyzes are made in daily graphics and smaller frames, but is not taking into account the higher temporalities, something interesting to see it too. 






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