The First Encounter

Episode 1. The First Encounter

Amidst the inky shroud of night, a young girl raced through the ominous darkness, clutching a precious bundle close to her chest. The scent of fresh blood hung heavily in the air, growing more pungent with each passing moment, while distant, unending screams echoed through the void.


Her breath came in ragged gasps as she dared to glance back, her heart pounding with fear at the sight of an imposing figure looming in the distance. A sinister tension cloaked the figure, lurking within the eerie shadows of the night.


Desperation urged her forward, her footsteps echoing in a frantic rhythm on the desolate street. Soon, she spotted a narrow sidewalk branching off from the main road into a dimly lit alleyway. Without hesitation, she darted into the alley, where the very ground seemed to have been ripped asunder by some recent cataclysm. The street lay torn and mangled, bearing the scars of a destructive conflict.


She hurriedly navigated the treacherous terrain, seeking shelter amid the shattered remnants of infrastructure. With trembling hands, she grasped a length of iron hanging precariously from above and found sanctuary beneath a jagged canopy of rubble, her body motionless as a statue.


Within the eerie veil of darkness, the cacophony of heavy footsteps and uneven breaths drew nearer. Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream pierced the air, sending shivers down her spine. Yet, she dared not budge, her eyes cautiously lifting to observe the looming figure under a flickering streetlight.


As the grotesque entity drew closer, illuminated in fleeting glimpses by the erratic city light, the girl beheld the visage of a man whose countenance had been ravaged by a nightmarish affliction. His brain protruded grotesquely from a fractured skull, with one eye socket grotesquely distended as though still in the throes of macabre transformation. The dread disease, which had begun with the relentless growth of his brain, was now consuming him entirely, dissolving bone and sinew. His was a cancerous metamorphosis that devoured humanity, leaving behind gnashing teeth and a grotesque, shattered sight.


"Stay absolutely still, Nika," she whispered to herself, understanding that these abhorrent creatures possessed heightened senses, capable of detecting the slightest movement. They had roamed the city for the better part of a year, making food scarce and elusive.


In silence, the abomination awaited its quarry. It bore the semblance of a man but had been transformed into a humanoid monstrosity, its torn garments and bipedal gait doing little to diminish its horrifying, feral aspect.


Abruptly, the wail of a siren sliced through the neighborhood. Relief washed over the girl as she thought, "At last, they're here!" She curled beneath the sheltering debris, hands tightly clamped over her ears, and squeezed her eyes shut. In an instant, all fell to darkness. A distant explosion and anguished cries reverberated through the night.


She cautiously cracked open her eyes, and the entire street bathed in light, the beam of a helicopter's searchlight fixated on the monster's location, the roar of its rotors filling the air. A sniper, perched high above, fired a nitrogen round, shattering the fiend's abominable brain.


Then, a black-clad operative descended from the heavens on a rope, landing squarely atop the still-writhing monster's corpse, now rendered motionless. A tall, masked figure, he pressed a button on his chest-mounted transmitter. "Mission accomplished! The subject is to be transported to the laboratory morgue! Over."


The voice crackled in response, "The entire area must be patrolled for potential infections! Over."


"Understood! Over!"


Two more operatives descended, swiftly encasing the lifeless form in a black plastic shroud before hoisting it onto the awaiting helicopter. The lead operative brandished a flashlight, his gaze scanning the alley. A cascade of falling debris drew his attention.


"Who goes there? Reveal yourself!"


He swiftly drew his weapon, demanding, "Show yourself immediately!"


The girl's voice trembled as she protested, "Don't shoot! I'm not infected! I was just passing through, I swear!"


"Come out now!"


With cautious deliberation, the girl clambered from the crevice, her hands visible as they gripped the edge of the concrete slab.


"Hey! Dim that light; it's blinding me! I'm telling you, I'm not infected! I was merely passing by, damn it!"


The operative holstered his weapon, extinguishing his flashlight.


"What's your name? Let me see your ID."


"I don't have it with me."


"What do you have there?"


With shaky hands, the girl unfurled the bundle, revealing a morsel of bread wrapped in tattered cloth.


"Where do you live? Where are your parents?"


Silence hung heavy in the air as the girl offered no response.


"Do you realize this is a red zone? Do you understand how dangerous it is?"


Still, the girl remained mute, her lips sealed.


"Where do you spend your nights?"


"I have a place."


The operative produced a handful of bills from his pocket, extending them toward her.


"Fine, take this."


"I'm not a beggar! I can manage on my own!"


"I said take it!"


Reluctantly, the girl accepted the money. The masked operative's intense eyes and furrowed brow were the only discernible features on his face.


"Alright! Can I go now?"


"You can leave, but stay away from this area!"


The girl nodded and swiftly vanished into the night, leaving behind a landscape scarred by chaos and despair.






Hello Everyone, I’m a writer and a manga artist, and this is a piece that I’m working on, Later on, I’m going to put my here art as well, piece by piece, for everyone to enjoy. I’ll welcome critiques, but plz don’t be too harsh.


Here is the link to the picture comic (manga) I'm currently working on, feel free to visit and leave a comment, subscribe, etc.

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