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የኔ (Yene)

By GoVenture | GoVenture | 17 Mar 2023



Since the invention of the sound record, the music industry has moved a lot from disks to Spotify, apple music, and other streaming opportunities. This year non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world of artists by storm. This grabs a lot of attention and also gives millions in revenue to adopters. A lot of platforms pop up and raise a lot to practice the new age of artist management, selling and buying art, sharing ownership, live streaming. But it is a new technology there shud be new platforms that give services the early adaptors haven’t. The platform allows to sell and buy arts, ownership of favorite artists, music, live streaming for artists with attendees.



Blockchain-based music investment, music selling and buying, and live streaming platform aim to enable the selling and buying musics, fractions of music ownership, and live streaming opportunities through their own version of NFTs.


GoVenture investments would enable them to build the product completely and start some of the services.

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