Trading 212 (Free Stock!!)

By Gouzgou_Maitre | Gouzgou View | 27 Jan 2023

Hello everyone!! Its been a while without publishing an article but this one will be worth it!! Lets start...

Many of you,maybe all,you have heard about diversification..I start investing in crypto 2-3 years ago and i really love them for many reasons,but some months ago I started to research and learn about stocks,etfs etc and i was very excited...So i decided to diversify my portofolio and begin searching the stock world!! If you are already invested you know that is very interesting...But remember,before investing research and learn!! DYOR as we call it in the crypto world!!!


Today i will talk about Trading 212 (broker) and a refferal promotion for winning your first FREE STOCK...This programm ends in 2nd of March (2023)...

Before i start i will suggest you some things!!

First if you know a friend of you,using this broker and you want to sign up,ask for referral link,so if he/she is eligible for this programm you can help each other and both you will take a free stock!! I dont make this article only for sign up from my link!! I made it to inform you about this promotion!!

Second,read carefully the requirements,see if your country is supported and generally do your own research..I have seen many promotions of brokers and i think the best are in USA..Search them because i live in Europe and these are not supported here yet...

Last but not least!! Check the licences of the broker!!! I will repeat,research before invest!! Chat and ask them whatever you want!! They have a simple and easy app and they answer very quickly!! You can also chat with others investors!! There are so many groups and topics inside the app!!


Requirements for the promotion!!

1. Sign up to Trading 212 using my link!! (or ask a friend for the link!!)


2. Verify your identity!! (kyc)

3. Fund your account within 10 days!! (in my case i deposited 10euro and i got the FREE stock...(ask them before you deposit any money)

4. Ends 2nd of March (2023)


Closing,Trading 212 is not the only broker that i use,and if you like these promos i will make another article for my other broker!!

Comment and tell me which broker you use and if you know other similar promotions like this for Europe!!!



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I am not a financial advisor!!






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