Ember Fund - Quick Review (+free ways to earn!!)

By Gouzgou_Maitre | Gouzgou View | 6 Nov 2023

Hello there ,how are you??

Today I will talk about Ember Fund,and free ways to earn!

Let's start! I will keep it small as usual..


Ember Fund is an app that you can invest in cryptos and you can also mine Bitcoin for free!! I have tested for some months and I will post here also some withdrawals...


Ways to earn for free :


1. Free Bitcoin Mining

You can mine Bitcoin every 24 hours with one button!! 1 sat per hour but this can be increased by inviting others and by investing in a portfolio inside the app! ( I only use the free way!!)


2. Participate in Free tournaments!! You have to choose at least 3 cryptos from the list and the best-performing portfolios will win a prize!!

There are also some tournaments that have an entry fee but with higher prizes!! So you can earn from the free and participate to the others!!


3. Surveys and tasks!! I haven't use it a lot but you can check it also to win some sats!!



Let's talk now about the withdrawals!!

When you reach the limit,which is 5$ worth of sats,you can transfer the sats from the rewards to your Ember Fund wallet and after you can send them anywhere you want!!

In my case I have already done 2 withdrawals to Binance.. (3 months ago to check it if it pays!!)

I will post the photos below!! Also I have already earned more than 70k sats and I haven't sent them yet!! Check the photos :




Closing, I like this app and the tournaments are funny !! Check the site and make your research for more details !! I use only the free ways!! stay safe !!


If you haven't tried Ember Fund yet,you can sign up from my link and both will get a mining boost!!

My Link : https://emberfund.onelink.me/ljTI/bce33290/?mining_referrer_id=MNGUUUIHOJH




ALSO SOME OTHER ARTICLES (you really help me if you sign up from my links!!thank you!!)

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Do your own research!! I am not a financial advisor!! It's only my opinion!



Thanks for reading!!





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