Woman sets pedo husband on fire after raping daughter, wbu you?🤔👀

How much do you really care about “your kids”-Topics that really matter(incase you missed it)!

By Hbarvsxlm333 | Google Trending ? | 3 Mar 2022

2d6796f03712a3cd8685b8c34aef07e899c1da1e6aed1364c7f82fd169b4ac6a.jpgWoman sets pedo husband on fire after raping daughter, wbu you?🤔👀Some don’t even teach their children simple self defense tactics to combat REAL LIFE NON SMALL TALK, things like this that happen everyday (not to mention being perpetuated on porn sites that still haven’t pulled fetish type videos of obvious little girls).🙄Who do you know that’s a pedo/abuser in your life? Why dont you call crime stoppers on them while getting paid, you gossip /tell everything else in life thats not your business- while not supporting ppls businesses?🤔 What male figures in your family do you know that have ever stood up to known abusers in the same so called ” family”? Has your dad/mom ever walked in naked on you trying to get in bed with you then beat you saying you were dreaming once every1 in the house woke up from you screaming?Give you permanent jaw issues by punching you (a girl) in the jaw? How about running up/condoning running up your credit $50,000 by taking out college loans to their bankaccount while you had scholarships & went to school free? If a parent did mess up your credit did they ever teach you how to fix it or any economic/survival skills period? Have you ever been apart of a cult? Had someone physically/verbally defend you? Know some1 whos underaged/kept since, that needs to be saved? Or know any (known to you but publicly unknown) pedos/abusers of any type that you’d like to expose for who they are? Post their pictures in the comments. Also share any wild true life stories you like of things that have happened to you!😌Also don’t forget to slide the tip bar under this post so that we both earn whatever percentage free tip you believe we both deserve for our contributions here from the publishox platform. That is all take care🙏🏽.


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