What is Nodle Cash (NODL) and how to "mine" it ?

Phones have many wireless interfaces, like wifi or bluetooth, and Nodle Cash will allow you to earn with these.


How does it run ? 

Nodle is a platform for providing low-rate network access for IoT things. For that, it uses bluetooth because of it has a very low energy usage. Then, you will earn NODL for each transmitted packet. Then, ur coins are stored in your wallet (in-app), but nodle chain is a polkadot-compatible blockchain (not polkadot by itself, it's like custom metamask RPCs) 

But... will it be any usage ??? 

When I tried it, I was very surprised of saying many connections, because of I didn't expect any packet, so it was fine.


What value ? 

Currently, NODL isn't listed on any exchange, but if you ask politely, u can try selling ur NODL on the otc-trading channel of my discord server


Downloading the app

If you want only download it here : https://nodle.page.link/Bja8rzK86tWxWvNMA (yes, it's a ref that will earn me 0.21 NODL, and thanks to anyone who uses it)

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good but unknown cryptocurrencies

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