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Will ETF's now control the price of Bitcoin?

By X15 | Gold Silver Fiat & Crypto | 24 Feb 2024

Now that Blackrock has contrived to have Bitcon EFT approved by the SEC will it be controlled like the COMEX with GOLD? 

Is the plan is place to now create a new type of crypto comex futures market of fraud just as we have today?

Below is a link to a interview with Andrew McGurie and every Bitcoin holder should give a listen to the section about "fixing the price" of Bitcoin just has been done with gold and silver for many years via the fake futures markets. 

We hear that the Central Banks and Government trying to issue CBDC currency as they buy gold by the tons. They actually expect you to work for and sell items for digital digits that they push buttons on a keyboard to create with no effort at all. Please, it might last a few years, but then Puff. CBDC will not exist. 

There could be various reasons for that. Lack of trust in governments, which is coming to a head now. Most Americans do not trust the government or their agencies any longer. Some lack trust of central banks or banks in general. We now see a lack of trust in the justice department. You cannot expect all people to bow to tyranny except by force, blackmail or lies. CBDC (the Biden CBDC) tyranny currency is nothing but fake money to enslave you.

I find it very eye opening that people will accept government or corporate issued CBDC or even Bitcoin and other crypto for tangible assets. 

Those who believe in bitcoin as the only alternative to corporate dollars seem to be like people who think gold and silver is not money. 

I personally believe the more I read, the more I learn about money, currency, fiat, gold, silver or crypto the more I realize that the gold and sliver coins from the 1700, 1800, 1900, are still with us. Like vinyl records they are still around. I wonder if US Federal Reserve Notes will be around in 10 years. I wonder if CBDC will be around for more than a few years. I wonder if digital crypto will exist in ten years, not because of failure but the system is breaking down and may not be able to retrieve you holdings. I have two digital wallets that when upgraded no longer function. Is the crypt lost. Um. seems so. As the digital wallets are so flawed they are at best a joke at worst a total con.

The BRICS nations are setting up their system of trade of, I get something and you get something REAL, not fake US Federal Reserve notes created by utterly fake and deceptive means. Sovereign debt created out of thin air, sold and we pay interest on. No mining for gold, or silver or copper, of coal. No digging for oil or gas. No effort what so ever, just "banksters" creating fake money, with fake debt, charging real interest. 

Through out history many people have lost their gold and silver. In today's world of crypto digital wallets and digital storage, do you think Bitcoin or any other crypto can survive in a world of people calling for real assets?

Real assets, like commodities like gold, silver, oil, books, clothes, car parts, lumber, food, houses, land. Can the digital illusion of money survive? 

It seems to  me if all crypto is turned into ETFs, that bitcoin price will be as fake as current price of silver and gold and oil. Since they will be controlled by the likes of Blackrock, Vanguard and who will really own the crypto that lives in the world of digital illusion.

Much like AI, as fake as it gets. A total con. Absolutely Ignorant, Absolutely Invasive that is why they are building AI, to invade and control all aspects of your life. 

And with ETF created for Bitcoin surely others will follow and the DIGITAL COMEX Fraud will begin. 

Although I believe crypto, including Bitcoin will never be anything but a tool to manipulate the masses into a cashless society. Do you really believe government or more likely Central Banks are going to allow something to thrive that they do not control? Either via their own devices or in conjunction with the likes of corporations like Blackrock and Vanguard?

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Gold Silver Fiat & Crypto
Gold Silver Fiat & Crypto

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