Gods Unchained Video: Fast Light vs Magic full victory (30-0)

By servelle | Gods Unchained Gameplay | 31 Mar 2022

In this video I show the gameplay of a quick and total victory (30-0) of the god of light Thaeriel against the god of magic Elyrian in the blockchain game Gods Unchained.

I play the god of light with the power "heal" which allows to heal a creature or my god with 2 life points.

My higher level opponent (8 vs 7) plays the god of magic with the power Palla's Genius which gives a random spell of mana value 1 for a high cost of 3 mana.

Since the magic gameplay consists mostly of spell cards, he put fairly few creatures on the board.

I was able to play a combination of cards that proved to be powerful, the creature "Battle Cleric" and the relic "Serene Blade", the victory was total my opponent did not do a single damage on my god.

The "Ward" ability protected my cards from opposing spells.

Battle Cleric

Serene Blade



Don't hesitate to try this game, it's free to play and you are given cards to start with, then it's easy to earn new ones by playing.

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Gods Unchained Gameplay
Gods Unchained Gameplay

In this blog i show gameplay videos of battles in Gods Unchained blockchain game.

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