Gods Unchained Video: Deception vs Nature

By servelle | Gods Unchained Gameplay | 25 Mar 2022

In this video I show the gameplay of a battle between the goddesses Deception and Nature in the blockchain game Gods Unchained.


The game is played at Midnight Shadow rank, my opponent and I are the same level (7).

I play the Goddess Deception with the power Olpheo's Distraction which causes 1 damage to a creature and hides it until the end of the turn which is very effective against Frontline cards.
My opponent plays the goddess Nature with the power Selena's Mark which causes 1 random damage and heals her god by 1.

He has a good card "Spiny Porcupine", one of those new ones with a shield ability, it's not very dangerous as long as you ignore it and it doesn't turn into a Frontline.
My main card in the game is once again "Jinxblade Duelist".



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Gods Unchained Gameplay
Gods Unchained Gameplay

In this blog i show gameplay videos of battles in Gods Unchained blockchain game.

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