Gods Unchained Gameplay Video: Fast Strike

By servelle | Gods Unchained Gameplay | 3 May 2022

In this video I show the gameplay of a quick battle between Ludia the goddess of deception and Thaeriel the god of light in the blockchain game "Gods Unchained".

I play Ludia with the power "Olpheo's Distraction" which will help me a lot because my opponent has mostly frontline cards.
He plays Thaeriel with the power "Summon Acolyte" which is a bad choice from my point of view because its high cost of 3 mana makes it not very useful.

My "Switch Duelist" card did most of the damage, protected by a few frontline creatures and backed up by a "Jynxblade Duelist" that can afford to lose a few life points due to its regeneration ability.
The game is fast, 5 minutes, and shows the danger of orienting your deck on too defensive cards.




Do not hesitate to try this game, it's free to play and you are given cards to start with, then it's easy to earn new ones by playing.

For more information see:
A good site for studying cards, creating or exploring decks:

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Gods Unchained Gameplay
Gods Unchained Gameplay

In this blog i show gameplay videos of battles in Gods Unchained blockchain game.

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