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Top Ten Questions About Bitcoin

Top Ten Questions About Bitcoin

By Keegan Francis | Go Full Crypto | 25 Jul 2021

Bitcoin has been active for 12 years - today. January 3rd, 2009 was when the Bitcoin blockchain was started. To celebrate Bitcoin's birthday, we answered 10 questions you asked us last year:

1. How do I buy Bitcoin? 01:05.2

2. Why 21 Million? 05:18.1

3. Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? 08:50.7

4. How does mining work? 10:22:30

5. Can I take Bitcoin and convert it into USD? 14:42.6

6. Can I actually spend my Bitcoin? 16:05.8

7. Can I just give you money to invest in Bitcoin for me? 17:30.2

8. Won’t the governments ban Bitcoin eventually? 20:02.2

9. Is it safe to enter my banking and personal information into Bitcoin exchanges? 27:45.9

10. How do I manage multiple Bitcoin wallets at a time? 29:54.4

Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.

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The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast, are solely their own. Please view the full disclaimer at Go Full Crypto Disclaimer.

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Keegan Francis
Keegan Francis

I am the owner of Atlantic Blockchain Company. We help onboard people into the world of cryptocurrency. We have a podcast called Go Full Crypto. The podcast tells the journey of how my wife and I are opting out of the traditional banking system.

Go Full Crypto
Go Full Crypto

Go Full Crypto means completely embracing the world of cryptocurrency. To go full crypto is to opt-out of the traditional financial system, and live completely in the world of cryptocurrency. Go Full Crypto is a podcast, blog, and business that offers cryptocurrency onboarding services.

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