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Ready. Set. Go Full Crypto.

By Keegan Francis | Go Full Crypto | 14 Jul 2020

As the world of cryptocurrency expands relentlessly, it will become easier to host more of your finances on the internet. Go Full Crypto is the journey of myself (Keegan Francis), and my wife (Mrugakshee Palwe) as we opt out of as much of the normal world of finance as we can. To be honest, we're actually pretty fortunate. We live in Canada, home to one of the best financial systems in the world. Still though, we're plagued with the same problem many people around the world are facing; Archaic banking systems. We might not face government corruption, or hyperinflation (yet), but we're dissatisfied enough with the state of the financial ecosystem that we want out, now.

The Story

In 2018, we started our the Atlantic Blockchain Company. We travelled around the Atlantic Canadian provinces giving speeches, and workshops. We were cryptocurrency and blockchain on-boarders. We helped companies get their start in cryptocurrency or blockchain. Inevitably, at every single blockchain presentation we got questions about bitcoin. We recognized the thirst for cryptocurrency related content and knowledge. This is what prompted us to start Go Full Crypto.

The Mission

The mission of Go Full Crypto is to fuel the adoption of cryptocurrency. There is simply too much FUD, FOMO, and misinformation plaguing the cryptocurrency space. It is very easy for newcomers to get taken advantage of by the irresponsible users of cryptocurrency. It is our mission to provide newcomers with a safe and trusted resource for how to get into cryptocurrency. 

The Community

Through the GoFullCrypto brand, we offer cryptocurrency on boarding services to individuals and companies. We produce written blog content in the form of news, opinion, or reviews of cryptocurrency products. We will host masterclasses throughout the year which will create a Go Full Crypto community. Lastly, we host a podcast, it's called GoFullCrypto. It is now, and always will be free. In the podcast, we will narrate our journey as we go full crypto. We host guests that bring new perspectives into the cryptosphere. Mainly, we will cover financially literacy topics, and relate them back to how individuals can empower themselves with the new world of cryptocurrency.

Our Ethos

We believe in a future where governments openly accept cryptocurrencies as a legitimate forms of money. We believe that cryptocurrencies will be integrated into the fabric of society. The governments and organizations that do this sooner, will ultimately climb to the highest echelons of society. As early adopters of cryptocurrency, we have a responsibility to make sure that people use and adopt cryptocurrency safely and responsibly. The introduction of cryptocurrency into the fabric of society is going to be disruptive. We are here to aid in the world transition to make it easier for individuals to adopt the latest and greatest form of money the world has to offer.

Our Promise

All money (Bitcoin, dollars, Ethereum, MONEY!!) given to Go Full Crypto will be reinvested in our brand, and our mission. In order to properly fulfill our mission, and be consistent with our ethos, we need to conform to the Canadian government rules and regulations as they pertain to cryptocurrency. Any and all cryptocurrency gained by our business will be properly taxed. This is typically a difficult thing for people to facilitate, which is why when tax season comes around, we will cover how to do it on our podcast. This summarizes our promise to the world. In a nut shell, we promise to make cryptocurrency simple for people. 

Ready. Set. Go Full Crypto

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Keegan Francis
Keegan Francis

I am the owner of Atlantic Blockchain Company. We help onboard people into the world of cryptocurrency. We have a podcast called Go Full Crypto. The podcast tells the journey of how my wife and I are opting out of the traditional banking system.

Go Full Crypto
Go Full Crypto

Go Full Crypto means completely embracing the world of cryptocurrency. To go full crypto is to opt-out of the traditional financial system, and live completely in the world of cryptocurrency. Go Full Crypto is a podcast, blog, and business that offers cryptocurrency onboarding services.

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