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Unlimited Shoutouts

By Manyong'oments | Global Facts v2.0 | 6 Jun 2020

Shoutout to Covid-19

For granting us the time to go after our dreams

Shoutout to  YouTube

For all the clickbait, entertaining and informative videos

Shoutout to memes 

For adding humor to ordinary images

Shoutout to

For providing people with a better signal than resume or cover letter

Shoutout to Udemy

For the countless affordable courses and ability to connect with instructors

Shoutout to Bitcoin

For making people question, what is money really?

Shoutout to Decentralized Applications

For incentivizing and providing a better internet

Shoutout to Open Source

The starting point and inspiration of all proprietary tools and services

Shoutout to reality

For always being the best teacher in any situation

Shoutout to Protests

For bringing to light the issues that have always lingered within society

Shoutout to the Internet

For providing a replacement to TV

Shoutout to Video Games

For bringing people together to solve problems


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Global Facts v2.0
Global Facts v2.0

A poetry collection of original poems inspired by reality and the internet. All poems are written by 33 Nanoseconds

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