Upland NFT Wizard Sale

Time-Sensitive NFT Drop: Upland Limited Edition Wizard NFT Drop

By UplandDood | NFT Hub | 1 Apr 2021

Upland Limited Edition Wizard NFT Drop

This is a Time-Sensitive Announcement. The first drop happens in less than 10 hours’ time.

This is time-sensitive because this drop was announced at 12:11 AM UTC, 1st Apr (5:11 PM PT / 8:11 PM ET, 31st March).

I’ll keep this brief as usual and here are the details for this drop.

Upland Wizard NFT Sale

What: Upland’s Limited Edition Commemorative NFT Sale

This is a Limited Mint run and ONLY 100 NFTs will be available for minting. Sales will be done through 2 waves with 50 NFTs in each (refer to “When” below for time of the drop).

Who: Upland
Why (Author’s Opinion: What’s the big deal?)

Why would I want to own one of these Upland NFT? For one, this is a big milestone in the Upland Metaverse as this NFT drop is to celebrate and commemorate the transformation of the Block Explorers into NFTs!


Upland Wizard NFT Sale - Time


The way this drop is structured is different from what most NFT collectors are accustomed to. You can’t purchase the NFT outright. Receive the NFT as a bonus when you make an in-game currency purchase of 100,000 UPX (purchased at $99.99).

If you are an Upland gamer, then you already know what to do.

For those who are not yet registered to play the Upland game yet, here’s what you need to do:

Upland Wizard NFT Sale - Registration

  • Make you head over to Upland Sign-Up Page. (Note: If you register with this link, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Instead of getting 100,000 UPX, you’ll get a total of 150,000 UPX just because you use the link. Applicable only for new registrations).
  • Register for an account by clicking the “GUEST” icon (1) on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Follow the Sign-up instructions
  • Select your Block Explorer (select the one that you like and proceed to customize the colors, etc)
  • Once you have completed the registration, you’ll just have to wait for the drop time
  • A few things to keep in mind while waiting for the drop:
    • Make sure you’re logged in to the web-based Upland game. It may not work on the App versions
    • If you have your VPN on, turn it off. That may interfere with you logging in to the game
    • Have your credit card handy as the purchase is done through a credit card. There may be an option to purchase through cryptocurrencies but best to stick to using a credit card to avoid any issues
  • At drop time, click on the “GET UPX” icon (2).
  • If this drop is the same as previous ones, you’ll see an indication next to the 100,000 UPX purchase option indicating that there’s an NFT with the purchase. Select and follow the purchasing instructions to complete it. If you don’t see this option, it could mean that it’s already sold out.
  • If you’re successful, you should see your UPX reflected in the “UPX” icon (3) in the middle of the screen.
  • You'll find your NFT Wizard Block Explorer in your game profile page.

If you get one - Congratulations! You’re now a proud owner of a very limited edition NFT from the fastest growing Dapp game.

If not, despair not. There will be more different drops in the future to celebrate other milestones.

Additional Information:

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