How Much I made from 1 month on Swagbucks

By Frank12 | GKOS2020 | 4 Sep 2020

Hi all

At the beginning of August I decided to try out Swagbucks  to see how much extra money I could make using it in a month.  I asked my friend who used Swagbucks regularly to give me his referral code.  Using his code I was able to receive an extra 300 Swagbucks (SB) if I earned 500 within a month.  Once I created my account the first thing I did was check the amount of SB I would need to withdraw any money.  Suprisingly it was 555 SB for a 5 Euro gift card into my Paypal account.  


I then went back to the homepage and noticed a to do list in the bottom left corner of the screen.  This was a list of daily tasks that would award SB.  


The first is a daily poll which only takes a few seconds to complete.  You just have to select an option from the poll and you awarded 1 SB.  


Next is the daily search.  For this you just have to use their browser once a day.  You will be awarded a random amount of SB every few days if you keep doing this.  If you use it as your main web browser you will recieve the SB rewards much more often.  The only reason I didn't do this is because I'm using the Brave Web Browser to receive BAT.


For deal of the day you only need to click on it for it to be completed. This will just show you promotions from Swagbucck's partners.  I never did any of these promotions so I've not made as much as I could have.  


Next is the Daily activity,  For this you will need to install the swag button extension into your web browser.  Installing the extension awards you with 25 SB.  It shows you when you are visiting an online store if there are any offers that will award you SB for purchasing an item.  It is really good because they are partnered with some Amazon products so you can receive a discount.

I've never completed the Discover tab because it requires you to sign up for one of their promotions.  


The last two are where I've made the majority of my SB.  Attempting / completing gold surveys.  If you are disqualified from a survey you will be awarded 1 SB.  However, the rewards for completing surveys can be very good.  


Above are my potential surveys that I have left over for today.  As you can see the awards vary by quite a bit but usually there are 1 or 2 good surveys a day.  Today I completed a survey that was 78 minutes long that awarded 21 SB and another that was 3 minutes long for 21 SB.  I generally only complete surveys when I'm listening to podcasts for about 40 mins - 1 hour in the morning when I wake up.


Having done all of this for a month I have earned 20 euro now.  It's not a lot but I plan to use this extra cash to invest into crypto currencies which will hopefully increase in value.  I would recommend SB to anyone who has a bit of downtime during the day as it is decent to get 20 extra a month and I didn't even fully commit myself to it.  You can also invest this in crypto to hopefully make a greater profit.

It usually takes about 3 or 4 days to receive your cash in your paypal account after redeeming. Here is the deposits in my account


My fourth deposit is still pending


This month Swagbucks are doing a promotion where if you use someone's referral link and then earn 500 SB within 30 days you both receive an extra 500 SB.  Which is worth 5$ or 55 SB from 5 euro.  Here is my referral link for any one who is interested in trying it out


Thanks for reading!!!!

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