Google and YouTube's new Bitcoin Brave and Cryptocurrency Censorship Algorithm in Action.

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For those of you unfamiliar with us we are a team new start up of computer scientists block chain developers and gamers.

We started our company to provide free software and knowledge of cryptocurrencies to people while working together to develop our own small projects.

As many of the publishers and users on this site are also on YouTube to advertise and grow a small fan base we thought we would publish and share our findings in the hope that we will save others putting as much work into it as we have with unfortunately no hope of rewards.

Googles new core algorithm which is supposedly being released this month but many of us have been experiencing and reporting on it now for months is a censorship tool designed to redirect traffic and choke off access to sites that are involved in cryptocurrencies.The algorithm doesn't only seem to be blocking these but advertisements for Brave Browser and anything related to block chain technology also.

Our channel has been promoting Brave and a few other extremely good free software's with others due to start as soon as our testing period has been satisfied as a means of funding to launch our website and other future products.

This is an example from our own channel that we were lucky enough to capture because of our attention to detail and need for over documenting everything as computer scientists.

Algorithm in Action on YouTube.

Here is a shot of the complaint we made to see if we even warranted a response which YouTube help which claims that most complaints will receive a response within a few days to date it is a week today with zero correspondence it can be viewed below. Link https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/43937083?hl=en-GB




As you can see from the picture the video was being watched at that time by over two hundred people and getting a lot of positive feedback .



In this picture taken after the page refreshed by itself you can clearly see that all the views likes and comments have been removed.In addition to this i have had two new members join our team this week who found the site very difficult to find until given a direct link to the content after this both had subscribed and commented on the content but with no subscriptions being counted and none of the new comments posted.The channel has absolutely no strikes or complaints to date and has posted seventeen videos going as far back as last year.

While our channel is still going its anyone's guess as to when it will be deleted like the many other successful channels.

Join Us Here on YouTube if you are able.

While this is a huge setback for a small company that relies heavily on affiliate marketing for funding we have earlier than expected expanded onto other platforms in the hope of more fair and transparent levels of operation.We would recommend this action to anyone in the same situation.

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We will be posting more updates and articles on here in the future and hope that you have found this information useful.

Thanks for your continued support stay safe and well.

We do not give financial advice.




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