The Coolest Crypto Casino Ever - Get Your Bonus Fix Now!

By Louky | GIVEAWAY SEARCH | 12 Jun 2023

Yo, crypto crew!

Listen up 'cause I've got some serious news to drop.

I recently discovered the ultimate crypto playground: Uphold. It's the place to be if you're into that crypto life, my friends. Forget those basic exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, or Kucoin.

Uphold is where the real action's at! But hold on tight, 'cause I'm about to spill the tea on why Uphold is the coolest crypto spot around.

Let me start by telling you about my insane journey with Uphold. Picture this: It was a hot April day, and I stumbled upon Uphold like a hidden treasure. Thanks to a friend's referral, I decided to take the plunge. And boy, was I in for a wild ride! Uphold didn't just welcome me; they showered me with mind-blowing bonuses! We're talking about a sweet $20 just for signing up and throwing down $500 for some Bitcoin or any other dope crypto.

And get this, you didn't even have to break the bank. Just $300 would do the trick. But wait, there's more! They even hooked me up with an extra $20 worth of satoshis for using their epic prepaid plastic card. Can you believe it? They treated me like a VIP from the get-go!

Now, Uphold isn't perfect, my friends. I gotta keep it real with you. They've got some downsides. One thing that had me shaking my head was their not-so-friendly fees for exchanging amounts below $200. They're trying to take a chunk out of your wallet, and that's not cool. Plus, Uphold has been shamelessly promoting this sketchy shitcoin that came out of nowhere, created by the same guy who brought us MtGox. Yeah, it's a bit controversial, to say the least. And here's the kicker: Uphold disappointingly doesn't support Lightning Network withdrawals. You'd think they'd offer faster and cheaper transactions, but nope, they hit you with ridiculously high fees when you try to cash out. Not the move, Uphold!

But you know what kept me hooked? The temptation, my friends. Uphold lured me in with those tantalizing free satoshis and a mind-blowing 4% cashback on all my spending using their sick prepaid plastic card. Can you imagine? Getting free bitcoin just for being part of their crew. It's like hitting the jackpot, baby! And let me tell you, the cashback I've earned since joining? A mind-boggling $55 worth of XRP, instantly swapped for some sweet sats. It's like having free money in your pocket, no strings attached!

So, here's the deal, fam. Uphold's cashback game has seen some changes. They used to offer a wicked 4% cashback on all your fiat currency splurges. But starting June 1st, they dialed it down to a still-cool 2% for fiat purchases. Yeah, it's a bummer, but fear not, crypto warriors! If you're ready to go all-in with your beloved Bitcoin or any other sick altcoins, Uphold still rewards you with that sweet 4% cashback. Just keep in mind that converting your crypto back into fiat might come with some extra fees. But hey, who needs fiat when you can ride the crypto wave?

Now, here's the most important part, my friends. I want you to experience the Uphold awesomeness for yourselves. Don't miss out on this epic opportunity! Sign up now using my referral link, and let's conquer the crypto world together! Just click right here:


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