The crash of Bitcoin 🆚 the Strength 💪 of Women!

By Gaia ❤ | Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto | 20 Sep 2021

[This article is by no means serious]

Dear Boys, you should know that a year for us women is made up of thirteen months, each made up of four weeks. In these four weeks, we spend at least one in a very particular emotional state ✨.
Men don't know it, but there are so many things going through our minds and bodies in those stormy days:
We're as tired as Jane Fonda after a mountain climb 🧗‍♀️. Angry, like a Pamplona bull 🐂 in front of a Red Valentino dress 💃. Unmanageable like Elon Musk 🐕 who constantly maneuvers the crypto market. Unbearable like"Hey hey heyyyy by Carlo from Bitconnect 😑. Demotivated 😒, like CZ trying in vain to explain the importance of "diamond hands" 💎👐.

Men don't know, but those are terrible days. The mirror only tells us: Cover yourself! 🥷. Our partner, if we have one, is "unsuitable" and if we do not have it, it is because we are "unmarriable" and we will die alone. We cry for everything 😭 and our emotions are magnified beyond belief.

However, this emotional whirlwind represents our strength 💪 as it keeps us trained to manage emotions that we hodl. Skill that becomes fundamental in the stormy ups and downs of the crypto sector.

So while Bitcoin collapses and takes all the altcoins with it, I'm calm 🧘. I'm obviously losing money but I'm calm 🧘. This is nothing compared to everything I go through for at least a week a month, just hoping that Bitcoin will go up sooner than a week 👀!

This is my 💪 as a 👩 and I will not give up until the price of Bitcoin is at 100.000$! 😁!



Gaia ❤️!

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Gaia ❤
Gaia ❤

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Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto
Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto

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