$ICP, my first buy the dip

After BTC falls, i decided to buy some crypto in sale. I started to read all names and i found "ICP". So i've done a very fasy analysis. ;)

  • ICP is for Internet Computer, a really interesting name! I didn't know what is mean but I imaginated a simple thing: there is a computer on internet and this idea got me thinking at the Cloud Computering. In the last years the cloud has changed my habits. Now I listen music on Spotify (no more mp3 reader), I watch tv series on Netflix (no more tv), I upload my docs on Google Drive (no more usb pen)! I read book on Kindle (no more paper). It's a good innovation. +1
  • The symbol is interesting, giving me the idea of infinity. On the point i can remember the famouse poetry of Giacomo Leopardi . ++1
  • The price, i've seen the chart, and... wow! +++1

CoinGecko ICP Price Chart

I've bought one at 34.80$. I suppose: it was listed at 461$, may be a day it can return at its original price and i gain x12. Not bad investiment! Tecnically, it was a "buy the dip".

It is also happened a nice thing: when i buy, i set "1" but i forgot the fee so at the end i've got 0.9999 ICP. A day it will be 1. I promise!

My ICP 0.999



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