TOP 5 BNB Binance Coin News - Make It Yours With GimmeFive!

TOP 5 BNB Binance Coin News - Make It Yours With GimmeFive!

By SabineTheQueen | GimmeFive | 17 May 2020

Certainly welcome, dear bearishy fellowers! Today, my little gimme-fivers, it's a time for the whale crypto - the Binance Coin!

Before heading to news, a quick disclaimer:

Binance Coin, The BNB is a cryptocurrency used to trade on Binance Exchange and the Exchange nails it right. To the horror of many, it is not my personal cryptocurrency!


Now some newbies babies:

5th. The Binance App

Those who use those exchange's app must be the happiest people ever in universe. Not only they are officialy planning changes (which is rare), but also they are involving public in it! And yes, you guessed it right -  the twitter comments are the best feedback they can ever get!

4th. Binance Futures

The new feature hardly went among the exchange traders, is right now having its own affiliate program! Enough you got five thousand something.. What are you waiting for?! The bonus won't grab itself! Nail hard.

3rd. Involves Public Activity For Real


Really creative, really dope. They are doing the work to keep the community up & running, not only for app upgrades. They trying kinda bulid bond with community, especially when it comes to trading. Free trading, crowd-sourced advices? Who doesn't like that?!

2nd. Binance Savngs

And here we come to something more or less special. The binance savings program offers you high return on investment by holding your crypto on the specific account. Lately, they been adding up IOTA and ONT, so if you have some, don't bother to try it!


Ladies and Gentleman, Bulls and Bears, the first place!

1st. Do Small Earn Big

As you can see above, the company is really eager to give hard cash for granted. Don't miss out any opportunity. Follow the big potential cryptocurrency's creators on twitter!


That's all for today. Don't think twice before printing the article and inframing it over your bed, cuz thatz a token of kinda hard work, huh! ;)


I am the crypto enthusiast, fresh off the finance minor degree. Lookin' for cash-out time & wine.


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