No One Is Invincible

By Ghous | ghous | 5 Sep 2020

Hi there fellas, how have you all been? I hope in good health and spirits 🤗

We humans take everything for granted. I can safely speak for all of us as I know it is in human nature. We live in the present not thinking about what we were or what we could become. When we enjoy good times, we totally forget the hard times the we went through and start thinking that the good times will never end and we have become invincible.
We see the lives or many celebrities and influencers and think that they have a perfect life and nothing can touch them, and they will always be like what. But then, out of a sudden, we hear the news that they have been in an accident or have died due to some illness. Our brains just doesn’t accept the fact that something bad could happen to our favorite people and we have a hard time believing that they are no more.

The sad demise of Chadwick Boseman aka black panther is a life lesson for us. His death reminds us that no matter how powerful or invincible we think we are, Gods plan will always catchup with us and all rise has to fall.
For this, we should try to transform our lives to submit to Gods will, do good to others so that even if we are no more, our good name stays.

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