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By Ghous | ghous | 6 Aug 2020

Hi there Fellas. How are you all doing today. I hope all of you are in good health and spirit.

Today I am going to write about watches with “automatic movement”. I have always had an eye for watches and they always fascinated me due to the fine engineering. Having so many tiny parts working in harmony to keep time accurately, truly an engineering marvel.

I have many digital and mechanical watches From different brands , to name some, Tissot, Timex, Boss, Cruiser, Casio, Kenneth Cole etc. I also have tired smart watches like Samsung Galaxy watch 2 and Huawei GT watch. None of those watches ever came close to be my favorites. Don’t get me wrong here, I love technology but still think that smart and quartz watches are no match for mechanical automatic movements. I admire the effort and experience of watchmakers that they put in every watch they make and give those watches precision and accuracy.



The Luxury collection

I think of buying collectible mechanical watches as an investment, as most of these watch prices appreciate over time rather than depreciating.


Rolex GMT Master II (Batman)

This is my first mechanical luxury watch and ever since I bought it, my love of mechanical watches has increased more. Rolex has always been one of my most favorite watch brands. When I bought this watch, I never knew that it will become so collectable and that there is a wait list of almost 3 years to buy this watch.

Rolex has different versions for this watch depending on the material and colors. I have bought the blue/black dial version Ref. 116710BLNR, commonly referred to as Rolex Batman. It has a 40mm steel case, a steel oyster bracelet, a bidirectional blue/black chromium bezel and a caliber 3185 in-house movement by Rolex that can show up to three timezone 😍😎

My Rolex GMT Master II

I bought it at a retail price of around $8500 and currently due to rarity of Rolex professional series watches and the fact that Rolex discontinued this version by updating the movement, this model is being sold for something between $15K to $16k.


Omega SpeedMaster Professional (Moon Watch)

Omega boasts about being the first watch brand on moon. Omega’s legendary Speedmaster 'Moonwatch' has been on every manned US space flight and accompanied American astronauts on the Moon since 1969. This historical fact makes this watch as one of the most desirable watch by collectors.

This watch also has different versions made my Omega over the years but they still make the exact watch that was worn by astronauts. It has a 42mm steel case with a manual winding caliber 1861 in-house movement by Omega that has 48h of power reserve. This watch retails for around $5000.

Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moon watch)

Even tough this watch is not as rare as the Rolex GMT models, it still sometimes goes higher than its retail price due to its collective nature and demand.


Omega Sea Master Planet Ocean 600M

This watch is a diver’s watch with up to 2000ft watch resistance and a helium value to release the pressure on the watch when diving. I bought this watch primarily due to its looks and the precision that Omega offers on its Co-Axial movements. It has a 43.5mm titanium case with a rubber bracelet.

Omega Sea Master Planet Ocean 600M

I love how Omega names it watches and is very bold in using colors.
These 3 watches are my most notable collection so far. Planning to invest on an IWC or a Tag Heuer soon.

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