COVID-19 : A Personal Prospect

By Ghous | ghous | 19 Aug 2020

Hi there fellas? How have you all been? I hope in good health and spirits.

Today I am writing about the infamous corona virus pandemic (Covid-19). We all know it has taken over the world by surprise and the situation has been really bad in the recent times. This pandemic paralyzed the world’s economy and forced many multinational firms to declare bankruptcy and stop operations.

I, along with my family was infected with COVID-19 in the month of July. The news came to all of us as a shock and we started to panic initially. The problem was that not all of us were declared Covid-19 positive together but rather over the span of a week. The initial test showed only 2 members positive and they were moved to quarantine. The rest stayed and sanitized the home with a constant worrying thought of what might happen next. After 2 days, some of the family members who were initially negative, started having symptoms and on retest were confirmed positive. I was one of the members who tested positive on second check.

The health care and the quarantine facility was amazing. They took proper care of us and tried to comfort us as much as they could. Finally the family members who were tested positive in second check were also moved to quarantine with the other members.

Personally I was asymptomatic and never had any symptoms or other health issues during my stay at quarantine. Some of the family members had minor issues but after completing our quarantine period, all of us were back home safe and sound. The virus itself didn’t harm us but it was the mental tension and stress during the initial days that caused a lot of problems. Everyday one or two of us were being declared positive and were not sure what will be our fate. I thanks God that we recovered fast and are back to our normal routine. The situation around is also getting better and I hope we are all rid of this pandemic as soon as possible.

Until next time....

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