Will any of these identities be the creator of Bitcoin? - Part II

Hello again! If you have read the previous post and you had already informed yourself about the subject before, surely you have missed a candidate. With the idea that each person can generate their own conclusions, I will continue with a second part of the previous article.

Probably one of the most notable absentees from the above list is Nick Szabo, who was pointed out by Elon Musk during an interview on a Podcast. I quote his answer verbatim: "It seems that Nick Szabo is probably, more than anyone else, responsible for the evolution of those ideas." Musk's answer is probably one of the most well-founded, since Szabo's trajectory and the texts related to Bit Gold (1998) can be seen with extraordinary coincidences based on similar ideas.

With this we continue at the same point, that someone promotes and helps evolve certain ideas does not clarify our doubt, and despite having the technical skills (he has been the forerunner of smart contracts), he has publicly denied being Satoshi Nakamoto.
If we listen to Musk and pull the thread a bit, we can find that the Center for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University conducted linguistic research on the Bitcoin white paper in 2014 to identify Nakamoto's identity. In their study they concluded that the linguistic similarities between the Bitcoin white paper and Szabo's public documents were clear, as well as being written in Latex, an open source document technology that Szabo used in his public documents as well.

After this, we can go further and search for all the texts published by Szabo before 2008 related to Bit Gold and address the inefficiencies in the existing banking system. In short, no one assumes responsibility and many seem suspicious. With this short and interesting article i leave you fot today. I continue with the search and will bring you more news about it!


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