What to buy, what to sell for beginners

Hello again! You already missed me without telling anyone another bit of boring shit, right?
I know it's not like that but I'm going to tell you anyway!

I was thinking how uncertain investing becomes when you start out on this. In the first place because in my environment I did not know anyone who was interested or had been educated by and for it. I don't remember Grandma telling me anything other than: Always save some money. Of course her advice, based on her knowledge, was wise advice.

Even so, we have all already discovered (and if you haven't, rest assured that you will) that it is not enough to set aside some of the money you generate and accumulate it to achieve financial freedom that allows you to work only on your own projects.

At that point of conclusion, what I personally consider is to invest a part of my savings and with it a real adventure begins. First of all, if you start collecting information everything is clear, with three or four simple keys you can assume that in the medium-long term you will be in profit. Things as simple as that, making investments in the medium-long term, that is, not needing to have that money before the earnings market, or things like knowing the business, company and/or project behind your investment, Knowing the real market value (intrinsic value) of what we buy, buying when it falls and selling when it rises, and some other detail that is simple at first, becomes a real adventure.

You, in your attempt to learn, find information of all kinds and even more so in times when everyone seems to know what we are talking about because we have seen a lot of interviews with Warren Buffett and we are also continually reading articles on Publish0x, Cointelegraph and even now that it has become mainstream, on TV.


If you are starting like me, I wish you the best in your stools. Do your own research, try to train and learn, don't be lazy, every day you will like it a little more, I assure you. Things that at first seemed complex will seem more and more clear and sharp. If you are looking for fast money, you can be lucky, but also in the casino!


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