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Today has been a very busy day for me and I've only just stopped to inform myself, so you probably already heard about it. Despite that, I have the small pleasure of sharing with you the news about Anonymous and Do Kwon. I speak of a small pleasure because at the moment it is a warning and I will not get a complete pleasure if the threat does not materialize.

You already know that I am a conspiracy theorist and these acts of defense and rebellion are for me hope for humanity. I am going to comment on the most interesting parts of the video that I leave below for those of you who have not seen it yet.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that Anonymous have been for me apolitical actor with great results in its attacks on various governments, private companies, organizations, and other entities. They have attacked US companies but also the Russian government, revealing in the case of Russia the media manipulation of the government and the censorship of opposing voices. In another DDoS attack, Anonymous discovered 40 sites uploading child pornography on the Internet (they published the names of 1,589 pedophiles and took down the "Lolita City" community website, preventing access). They revealed the extortionist practices of the Church of Scientology and among many other successful cases in the fight for justice, there was a case in my country, Spain, in which they managed, after several attacks, to modify a law that proposed the closure of web pages without legal authorization (pure and harsh censorship).

Now in a new justice movement, they have declared that they will do everything possible to reveal all of Do Kwon's crimes. The statements in the video say that they are investigating because "there is no doubt that there are more crimes to discover" and that he always had bad intentions from the beginning. They also highlight his participation in another failed project (Basis Cash) in which he used the nickname of Rick Sánchez (Can you believe it, Morty ??)

Well, guys, I'll leave you with the jewel so you can enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet, it doesn't have a second to waste. Grab some popcorn and watch it loop!



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