Time to buy!? (Noobie advice)

For all those waiting for the secret recipe of the sauce, I leave a warning before diving into this reading:

This isn't investment advice, it's just the writing of some guy on the internet.

Once I have clarified that you should not listen to me if you do not want to lose all your money, I have to tell you that I do not have any secret recipe (in case, despite everything, you are still looking for how to become a millionaire with cryptocurrencies). That yes, I have good news, whatever happens, everything indicates that we have the best to come.

We still have to wait to know what direction bitcoin is going to take because it can still fall below the support of $38,000 before taking off again, but everything seems to indicate that with inflation skyrocketing and with the increasingly numerous signs of adoption, sooner rather than later, will end up surpassing its all-time highs again.

There are many factors that can speed up or slow down its growth, but so far, none shows signs that it will be cut.

Considering this is going to happen (don't forget I'm nuts and I'm going to make you lose all your money), it's time to buy, but keep in mind that another big drop may be yet to come (let's say to 21,000 $/$24,000 in the worst case), you have to be cautious when buying and try to pay close attention to technical and fundamental analysis.

The possible regulatory law in Brazil, the adoption as legal tender in Mexico or any news of adoption are always well received in the market. The end of the war in Ukraine if it continues to show its parity with the Nasdaq100 movements can also mean an increase in the price of the markets. In short, nothing new under the sun for many, a ray of light for a few.

Do not forget to follow all my advice  if you want to lose your wife because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"


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Cryptoworld by The Crazy Dude
Cryptoworld by The Crazy Dude

Initial nonfinancial advice for people who start their journey in this field, conspiracy news, and personal thoughts. Do not forget to follow all my advice if you want to lose your family because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"

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