Third important decision if you start with cryptocurrencies

Once we have decided on the exchange and the wallet that best suits our needs, we have to assess another very important decision, such as choosing which or which will be our first cryptocurrencies.

As always, the best thing we can do is carry out our own search for information and keep in mind the confirmation bias to carry out an in-depth investigation and draw our own conclusions. If we do this we will start getting familiar with new terminology and all relevant projects quickly.

There are a lot of reference pages from which you can get all the information you need and every day there are more people training and informing people about old and new projects, relevant news and any data that can help to better understand what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is important not to get carried away by the first information received and always go further to contrast data and news from other points of view. It usually happens that when someone without knowledge decides to start investing, they get carried away by the information that comes out in global media and as Rockefeller said, the day my shoe shiner recommended me to invest in the stock market, I realized that it was time to sell.

*Remember this is not financial advice as I am not an economist*

As a personal opinion, you have to buy some Bitcoin and some Ethereum when the prices are not at highs like this past week and then everyone will know, but if you keep these two investments in the long term I don't think you will lose.

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The Crazy Dude
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Cryptoworld by The Crazy Dude
Cryptoworld by The Crazy Dude

Initial nonfinancial advice for people who start their journey in this field, conspiracy news, and personal thoughts. Do not forget to follow all my advice if you want to lose your family because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"

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