Publish0x, Torum, and Odysee, my social media is going crypto


We are going to update the best places to earn cryptocurrencies and what they need to take off. This update is mandatory because when I made the first publication I had only been testing for a short time and had practically only verified that they worked and that they paid. Now that I have been using them for more time, I want to explain to the newest ones what I am finding in my search for extra income in the form of cryptocurrencies.

The first thing that I can highlight is that all the prizes, rewards, or profits that you are going to generate without investing money are going to cost you a lot of time, and time if well invested can generate much greater profits in other places. If you are wasting it on YouTube or with PlayStation, it is already different.



Yes, I know you are here and you know it but I encourage you to start writing. Surely there is a topic that you are passionate about and you can teach us a lot of things about it. Stop scrolling to accumulate your coins and help us grow this place with your ideas and comments, participate.


- Torum:

It is a social platform with rewards in its cryptocurrency. It turns out that it has many bugs, that most of the content is related to crypto just like in Publish0x, and that it has many things to improve to be more usable. Even so, it has an interesting community that cares about growing and building an interactive social network. You must understand that if you go only for the daily missions and do not post anything more than -hello, good morning- you can get banned.


- Odysee:

When I discovered this, I understood that web3 is the future. I don't know if it will be Odysee, Medium, or what will be the project that in 15 years will be dominating the sector, but I am sure that if it is Meta or Twitter, they will be paying a fraction to the user. Those of you who have a YouTube channel, Twitch, etc... should also be here as content creators. For the rest, I tell you that it still lacks content although I am not a very reliable judge because I have not invested much time with Odysee. I like it, I like the idea, but I'm not going to create content over there yet, so I'm focused here and Torum now.


I'm also on Twitter but Only looking for some info and spreading my Publish0x posts. The old social media is dead for me unless they change the rules.


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If you want to try Real State metaverse Upland is a great option!


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