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Optimism. Scam or Shit happens?

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I like being the life of the party more than being the one to spoil it but my conspiracy nature sometimes prevents me from staying positive. I hope I'm not spoiling anyone's party by sharing my thoughts on what happened with Optimism.


- 20 million Optimism tokens are stolen on May 26
- On June 5, 1 million Tokens were sold (about $1.3 million on that date)
- One million tokens were transferred to Vitalik Buterin's Ethereum wallet on Optimism today at 12:26 AM. UTC
- The 20 million OP tokens were destined for the firm Wintermute
- During the sending of the tokens a technical oversight opened the contract to an attack.
- Wintermute took responsibility in a statement. They also offered a reward of 1 Million tokens and forget the matter if the author returned 19M tokens.
- The Optimism team has awarded a 20M token grant to Wintermute.
- The Optimism team stated that they could perform an update on the network to recover the unused and untransferred tokens.


- The project with only two weeks of life loses the confidence of a part of the community.
- The token is devalued above 30%

Personal thoughts:

As @Chrisblec said in a tweet, the idea of ​​recovering some lost funds in an anonymous wallet of a decentralized network should warn us about how little decentralized the project is.
While I was reading about the news, the strange theory was forming in my head (yes, again conspiracies everywhere) that it is okay if I buy some NFTs that are not worth the gas fees I have paid, it is even understood that many of we have irretrievably lost funds in various ways... But I can't understand (excuse me for being so slow) that between two companies that are dedicated to creating markets, the mistake is that the smart contract used to accept the tokens still it was at layer 1 and had not been updated to be deployed on Optimism. I have a hard time accepting that the events were as it are told to us.
It is a project that I had only heard good words about, including a comment attributed to Vitalyk Buterin, but this news makes the saying even better: Don't trust, Verify!

I am beginning to wish that everything would fall hard, that it would fall so much that only those who are working to fulfill their public roadmaps will be able to withstand it and we will truly enter the new era.

This night new update in the status of the miniportfolio 😉 Have a nice day!


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